My girls and I absolutely love going to this office! Everyone is so nice and very compassionate. My two girls were both treated and have such beautiful smiles. I couldn't be happier with their results, and in fact, I am now a patient! I love my Invisalign and can already see my teeth starting to straighten! I think my husband may be next.
- TH
I had so much jaw pain when I started seeing Dr. O'Reilly. I had no idea that my bite being off could cause so many issues with my teeth and gums, and cause so much discomfort in my muscles. The guard she made helped me feel so much better, and now I am about to start my braces to correct my bite permanently.
- JM
My experience was great! Loved the appearance of the office. The staff was so kind. Dr. O'Reilly and Dr. Muench really took the time to make myself and my child feel comfortable. I highly recommend this practice!
- MS